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Articles on Wine

By syndicated columnist Bennet Bodenstein

Most Recent Wine Articles and Reviews

More Greek Wines To Challenge Your Taste Buds

It was a dark and stormy night … so to brighten the situation, we opened some wine; this time the wines we opened were Greek. Not to get into a history lesson, but the Greeks have been making wine since the toga was the fashion expression of the day. Greek wine has...

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Vin Santo … A Style of Wine Older Than Old

What usually comes to mind when the Greek island of Santorini is mentioned; boom, big boom, humongous boom. Santorini was the site of the largest volcanic eruption to have ever occurred in recorded history. You probably didn’t catch it on the evening news because it...

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HandCraft Artisan Collection

It’s over, finito, fertig, terminado; in plain, simple English, it’s finished. No longer does a sometimes confused or befuddled wine lover have to suffer through the uncomfortable task of selecting the proper wines that best accompanies the dinner he or she is hosting...

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Bonny Doon Vineyards and the Wit of Randall Graham

Randall Graham; his name may not be that well known to the general wine drinking public, but to Californian winemakers he ranks among the winemaking greats such a Robert Mondavi, Brother Timothy (Christian Brothers Winery) Carl Wente, Louis Martini and so many others...

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Arnaldo Caprai Italian Wines of Character

There was a time that most Italian wines were considered inferior to what was coming out of France and California. Chianti was definitely “in” among the youth of this country but the serious wine enthusiasts avoided the other Italian wines as though they were infected...

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Spilled Red Wine and How To Clean It Up

And so it happened, the inevitable, the dreaded. While moving some bottles of red wine, one dropped, broke open, and deposited its contents all over the carpet. We could not have been so fortunate as to have dropped it on a wooden or stone floor where the cleanup...

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"The Best Wine In The World Is The Wine You Love Best."