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Articles on Wine

By syndicated columnist Bennet Bodenstein

Most Recent Wine Articles and Reviews

The Wine at the Last Supper

Now that Jerusalem has been anointed as the capital of Israel, there will surly be more interest in the products of the holy land and as a corollary, its wines. Have you ever wondered why the State of Israel puts so much interest into the possession of the Golan...

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Dark Horse – Sound wines at Affordable Prices

Wine has become an integral part of the American dining experience now being enjoyed at many home meals and no longer the sole province of the restaurant experience. The real problem is that it can prove to be rather expensive. Wine prices, like almost everything in...

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Hero of Wine Award

I believe that if there is a Hero of Wine award it should go to California’s Cline Vineyards. Cline has taken several grape varieties that for centuries have been used as blenders to soften, color or add greater depth to the more popular varieties and has presented...

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Legal Moonshine from Sugarlands Shine

Moonshine. The very word sparks images of bootleggers running illegal alcohol through the backwoods of Tennessee. Its story starts years ago. With the end of Prohibition (1920-1933) the anti-alcohol caucus in the Congress was still very strong. While they did give up...

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Sparkling Wines from Mumm Napa

For centuries, France ruled the roost in the wine department and it was the French Champagnes that were the best known, most costly and most sought after. So opulent were the wines that the czars and royalty of pre-revolution Russia ordered that Champagne sent to them...

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Latest Reds From Robert Mondavi

There are names throughout history that will live forever, most great, some evil. The wine industry also has its great names that will never be forgotten such as Dom Perignon, Louis Pasture, Agoston Haraszthy, Gustave Niebaum and the latest addition to the list of...

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"The Best Wine In The World Is The Wine You Love Best."