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Articles on Wine

By syndicated columnist Bennet Bodenstein

Most Recent Wine Articles and Reviews

Legal Moonshine from Sugarlands Shine

Moonshine. The very word sparks images of bootleggers running illegal alcohol through the backwoods of Tennessee. Its story starts years ago. With the end of Prohibition (1920-1933) the anti-alcohol caucus in the Congress was still very strong. While they did give up...

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Sparkling Wines from Mumm Napa

For centuries, France ruled the roost in the wine department and it was the French Champagnes that were the best known, most costly and most sought after. So opulent were the wines that the czars and royalty of pre-revolution Russia ordered that Champagne sent to them...

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Latest Reds From Robert Mondavi

There are names throughout history that will live forever, most great, some evil. The wine industry also has its great names that will never be forgotten such as Dom Perignon, Louis Pasture, Agoston Haraszthy, Gustave Niebaum and the latest addition to the list of...

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What Wine Do You Serve With Cupcakes

The rules of what foods go with what wines, are written in stone,  centuries old and unfortunately, often stringently observed. What about our modern foods?; foods that did not exist when those iron clad rules were made up. We know that the Declaration of Independence...

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The Numbers Game Comes to Wine

And so it finally came to pass. After centuries of winemaking the producers seem to have run out of items or names to decorate the labels on their bottles. We have seen wines with labels that were beautiful, some were exciting, some were just plain stupid, some...

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Cru Bourgeois … French Wines, With Love

Ever since Roman times, the Bordeaux region of France had been renowned for its wines. One of the major problems that Americans had with the French wines was that to really know what you were drinking you had to learn a dictionary full of lip twisting French terms and...

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"The Best Wine In The World Is The Wine You Love Best."