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Articles on Wine

By syndicated columnist Bennet Bodenstein

Most Recent Wine Articles and Reviews

About Wine Glassware

Wine glasses are an integral part of the wine experience. We spent many years scoffing at wine snobs with their special glasses but, in truth, we were wrong; very, very wrong. We began our journey into wine glassware with a simple but very dramatic test that we...

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Randall Graham .. Clown prince of winemaking

Randall Graham; his name may not be that well known to the general wine drinking public, but to Californian winemakers he ranks among the winemaking greats such a Robert Mondavi, Brother Timothy (Christian Brothers Winery) Carl Wente, Louis Martini and so many others...

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Dry Creek Vineyard 2014

An as it comes to pass each and every year at this time, the latest wine vintages are being released to the public. This does not mean that wines from 2013 or 2014 are on dealer’s shelves right now. There are many varieties, especially the reds that need some time to...

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Left Coast Cellars A New Guy On The Block

Slowly, with stealth and with purpose the enemy advances, growing more powerful and popular with each day. We will admit that this is a strange beginning for a wine column; but it did get your attention. The culprits in this scenario are the winemakers of Oregon and...

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Charles Heidsieck True French Champagne

We are now entering the season of celebration starting with Thanksgiving and ending with the New Years festivities. Celebrations call for sparkling wines and there is no sparkling more in line with celebrations than French Champagne. Just to clear the air a bit, there...

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Miner Family Wines of Distinction

The war goes on in its full force and fury, as it has for centuries. Thank goodness that it is not a shooting war, but a war of opinions. The war is to determine who makes the better wines, the historical wine homeland of France or the modern upstart of California....

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"The Best Wine In The World Is The Wine You Love Best."